About the S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao Foundation for Education & World Music (R.)

India is a Jagad Guru, teacher of the world. Ancient India has made contributions to every field of knowledge. Ancient India was aware of concepts like heliocentric theory, Binary Star theory, Nuclear Physics, Continental Drift theory, Gravity, Space time before the western world named them. As a result of internal fighting’s and in a quest of accepting everything from the west, India has lost these knowledge. The western education in a way has helped us to rediscover the contributions made by our saints.

The Foundation aims in rediscovering this knowledge & combine it with modern education which will help people to think freely and differently. The Foundation intends to develop an education system which develops the inherent qualities of a person instead of imposing knowledge forcefully.

Education aims to provide what experience provides. But does our education system provide it? The answer is a big No. The lack of practicality in our education system has made students study for the sake of certificates or jobs but not for the purpose of knowledge. The Foundation is developing a model to erase these loopholes in our education system.

Ancient Indian education focused on teaching 64 types of skills to disciples. Having been inspired from this, the Foundation’s education system will focus on developing 64 of such Modern skills to our students.

Many people are being deprived of learning performing arts as they are not able to balance their education & performing arts. Performing arts such as Indian Classical Music, dance etc will be having a prime importance in our model.

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Our Objectives


To conduct Music Festivals, Conferences & Workshops every year to commemorate S V Narayanaswamy Rao.


a) To promote, setup, operate and manage Educational Institutions in various fields including experimental non-conventional progressive learning centers for children and adults including institutions of Vedic and Yogic sciences.
b) To enable teachers, research scholars and facilitators to conduct independent research on evolutionary education, curriculum and pedagogy and teacher education and apply the same to learning organizations established or assisted by the Trust.


To propagate and promote Indian Cultural, Religious and Educational Heritage and for that purpose establish Meditation Centers, Reference Libraries etc.


To disseminate information, research outcomes, knowledge and thought on evolutionary education and philosophy through publications and audio visual materials and all types of electronic media.


Preserving the cultural heritage of India by promoting the performing arts of the country.


To establish, found, takeover, open or reopen or closedown, maintain, manage and conduct old age homes, Centers for Unwed mothers, Homes for the mentally retarded, Rehabilitation centers, Mental Asylums, De-addiction centers, orphanages, asylums, destitute homes, Rural institutions and such other institution of like nature.


To acquire, establish, maintain, develop organic farms, gowshalas, and environmental friendly renewable energy sources and do all such activities to promote an eco-friendly environment.

Who we are?

S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao Foundation is a sister organisation of India’s premier cultural organisation, the Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore.

What we intend to do?

Bring out a revolution in the fields of education, Indian performing arts & philosophy.

Where are we located?

#21/1, 4th Main 2nd Cross, Chamarajapet, Bangalore - 560018.

Want to be a part of our team?

E Mail your profile to our mail id now and be a part of our quest.

People behind the Foundation

Sri S N Varadaraj - Executive President, S.V.N Rao Foundation

The last son of S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao, S.N.Varadaraj is the backbone of Mandali’s success story, S.N.Varadaraj who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, left his job at an MNC to continue serving Music & lord Rama in the year 2000 post S.V.N Rao’s death. Prathibhakankshi Youth Music festival was started by him in the year 2001.

In order to bring about an awareness regarding the scientific aspects of Ramayana, he has established ‘TPhe Ramayana Research Foundation’. The RRF had organised a ‘World Ramayana Conference’ in 2015 which was witnessed by over 50,000 people. He is involved in the activities of the Mandali since he was 15 years. Mr Varadaraj is a musician himself & also a scholar of Ramayana.

He is one of the founding Trustee of S.V.N Rao Foundation and is guiding the foundation as its Executive President.

Sri Abhijith Varadaraj S - Founder & Managing Trustee, S.V.N Rao Foundation

The Brain behind the Foundation, he is determined in revolutionising Education & Classical Music of India. He was inclined towards lord Rama & Music even from a very young age. Abhijith Varadaraj S who is in his early 20’s is determined to continue the legacy of his grandfather S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao.

At the tender age of 16, he has co founded The Ramayana Research Foundation (R.) which intends to create Ramayana consciousness throughout the world. He is also the Executive Officer of Sree Ramaseva Mandali, the organiser of the largest Indian classical music festival. Abhijith Varadaraj S is perusing Management degree at Jain University & has good academic background. He is a student of Karnatic Music and has great amount of interest in Philosophy’s of the World. He also has great interest in Social reforms & Current Affairs.

Having inspired from Madan Mohan Malaviya, he intends to establish education institution(s) and provide quality education to millions of people across the globe & wish to spread the knowledge of ancient India to the World.

"My dream is to create a sustainable model of education which make people educates, not only literates." - Abhijith Varadaraj S

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Reg Office:

#21/1, S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao Marg,

Chamarajapet, Bangalore - 18

Mob: +91 94835 18012, +91 94480 79079

E Mail: svnraofoundation@gmail.com